To walk around

Original transport !

Paris on the Seine

Take the time to visit Paris differently and discover the historic heart of the city by sliding along its most beautiful avenue. As a lover or with friends, this getaway will allow you to find yourself with your entourage, and recharge yourself during a real moment of relaxation.

Les Segways!

Stroll the streets of Paris at the controls of your gyropod!
For the past 12 years, we have welcomed you to the heart of Paris to take part in high-tech gyropod activities or strolls in the most beautiful historic neighbourhoods away from traditional tourist routes.

Easy as fun to drive! Start your visit with a security briefing and basic training before heading to the centre of the capital.With your family, with your friends or colleagues at work, you will be able to enjoy the most important walks and entertaining and cultural activities in Paris.

The electric scooters!

Thanks to Lime, the app for electric scooters in Paris, you won’t need to worry about traffic or find a parking area. You can leave your vehicle near your destination, and your ride will only cost a fraction of a taxi or carpool. Have fun, connect with your community, and move with class! Lime will always be there for you!

Les tuktuks!

Tuktuk in Paris is a fun and unforgettable way to discover the city and its monuments. From 1 to 6 people, our tuktuks stop wherever you want, whenever you want: it’s up to you! 100% electric, our vehicles are eco-friendly and environmentally friendly.

In our silent and wide open tuktuks, film and photograph as you like! Great tours or short courses, already ready or tailor-made, our drivers take you to see the most beautiful monuments of Paris.

TUKTUK IN PARIS offers visits from 30 minutes to 8 hours So enjoy – in!


Visit Paris and the surrounding municipalities in Vélib’!

Vélib’ Métropole is a new generation self-service bicycle service unique in the world, with its mechanical (green) and electric (blue) bicycles, rechargeable in station. In 2018, the service is available 24/24 hours in about sixty municipalities of the Metropolis of Greater Paris.With the electric Vélib’, you don’t have to work hard: a first pedal kick and Vélib’ takes you further and faster to the most hilly streets of the capital and the metropolis.

Intelligent and connected, Velib’ shows you how far you travel and how fast you travel. For walks with family or friends, opt for the V’Découverte pass (1 day) or V-Séjour pass (7 days) and rent up to 5 Vélib’ at the same time

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