Unsual Paris

Our Unusual Offer will allow you to discover Paris in an atypical way, with its most beautiful innovations. 

This pack will lead you to discover the new and will make you experience a sensational stay! In the evening or during the day, Paris is full of surprises and you will discover them!

Watch a film in Paris Pagoda

You can go to the cinema in the Pagoda which is a real Japanese pagoda where the walls of the big room are covered with silk, then have a tea in the Chinese garden after the session.

Fly in a hot air balloon

And why not visit Paris in the air!

The Ballon de Paris is as high as a twelve-storey building and promises sensations when it climbs to 150m high!

Be frightened!

Chills guaranteed in this haunted house that replays Parisian legends like the Phantom of the Opera or the Man in the Iron Mask with disguised comedians.An unusual way to discover the history of Paris, in an atypical place.

If you would like to discover one of these unusual activities...

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